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A.I.N.A. Symbols

Symbols create energy.

Energy generates momentum.

Momentum builds progress.

 Time is currency. Love is valuable.

A.I.N.A. Stamp

The official stamp of A.I.N.A. Tribe.

A.I.N.A. Universe

A representation of the Universe. A reminder for you to push through adversity and tough times.

A.I.N.A. Shapes

Creating shapes that form meaning and power. A shape with straight lines and angles symbolizes structure and order, while the shapes with curves represent connection and community.

From the land

I am here. Here on earth. Find respect in everything around me. Vibrations and healing is around us. Find a way to connect to the stars. Find a way to create the in-between.

A.I.N.A. Voyage

Fascination of hidden routes taken on Oceania.

Balance of extremes

You are all of what you think. Learn to control them. LEARN to LEARN The good and the bad. The ups and the downs. The right and wrongs. The wins and the lessons.

A.I.N.A. sequence

Wavy lines create a mood of peacefulness. Life in sequence. Past, present and the future.

A.I.N.A. Words

Words are magic. Use them wisely.

A.I.N.A. Dream catcher

Life beyond dreams and protection. Ancient compass through your thoughts.

A.I.N.A. Armored

Armored war chest plate of protection and illusion

A.I.N.A. Matrix

Be aware of falling into habit. Change is constant. Patterns show themselves. We live in a world of a world. create your life.

A.I.N.A. Healing

Healing symbol of the Universe. Find strength in yourself to keep flowing. Create the healing you need.


First shirts were made using this A.I.N.A. Universe symbol.

A.I.N.A. 21

Look beyond the words. What above so below. Transitioning into the next wave or thinkers. Big things headed our way.

A.I.N.A. Mauna Kea
A.I.N.A. Poi-fect
A.I.N.A. Palms
A.I.N.A. Heart
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